The Natalie Williams Breast Care Foundation (NWBCF) serves as the leading voice in the promotion of breast care awareness among women throughout the Washington DC Metropolitan area. They focus specifically on the breast cancer disease and early detection, and the overall promotion of healthy breast care.  Their Operation Love Program is an initiative they use to identify women who are being cared for at area hospitals, as well as through local churches and breast cancer support groups in the vicinity/region. Throughout the year they provide hand‐made signature gift baskets with beautiful hand‐made flowers, inspirational note cards, soothing lotions and oils, and a small personalized gift as a reflection of their sisterly support, compassion, and love.

Operation Love Care Packages

  • In partnership with Mary Kay, Natalie Williams Breast Cancer Foundation, and their “Operation Love Program”, 4 the Healing in You, Inc. is helping to supply care packages for moms actively undergoing treatment both chemotherapy and radiation at Washington Hospital Center, Howard University Hospital, United Medical Center, and George Washington University Hospital. These treatments can cause extreme dry skin so we are providing hydration products to heal and pamper them and also lift up their spirits. The package includes products to help patients with severe dry skin – Extra Emollient Night Cream, Hydrating Lotion and Satin Lips Set; they are designed for use by men and women.

    We are seeking donations from community members, organizations and businesses to sponsor chemo care packages. The packages are $30 each which covers the wholesale cost, retail tax, plus any packaging materials for the gifts. 4 the Healing in You, Inc. will also include a pair of inspiration journals in each package we sponsor.

    Your tax deductible donation of just $30 will help us meet our goal of donating at least 25 care packages towards this effort. Our hope to provide these packages no later than November 10. You are appreciated!