Wednesday's Wellness Word: ENTOURAGE

December 11, 2013

Guest Contributor: Karen Arrington, Empowerment Expert


Who’s in your POWER ENTOURAGE?


Think about the most powerful, successful + confident women on the planet.

Oprah. Beyonce. Michelle. 


What do these women have in common? 


A Power Entourage — a tight-knit inner circle of supporters who surround them with 

positivity + inspiration.


If you want to uplevel your life + career, you’ve got to upgrade the quality of people you allow into your world. Surround yourself with grade-A encouragement, and you’ll rise to the top. Surround yourself with losers, users + abusers, and you’ll sink to the lowest common denominator.  Remember, Jesus chose His inner circle closely too.


TODAY:  write down the names of everyone in your Power Entourage. Friends. Family. Teachers. Your pastor or spiritual mentor. Take a moment to thank each person in your Power Entourage for their continued love + encouragement.  And while you’re at it — take a good, hard look at the relationships in your life that pull you down. The people that do NOT belong in your Power Entourage. Sooner or later, you’ll need to eliminate — or renegotiate — those relationships. Your confidence depends on it.


Karen Arrington is an award-winning empowerment expert + success coach + international philanthropist.  She has personally mentored over 1,000 women and has been recognized by Woman’s Day, Jones New York and Lifetime Network.  Today, Karen offers private coaching + global service retreats for ambitious young women who want to live their best lives — only better.. To learn more, visit


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